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Turning 30 today is Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the fifth and (as the subtitle suggests) supposed "final" installment of the Original Series era films that saw William Shatner take on the director's chair and also ended up killing the series. The films centers on the Enterprise crew encountering Spock's unheard of half-brother named Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill), who takes over the ship in a search for God at the center of the universe. When I covered Star Trek III: The Search for Spock in my 35th anniversary post last weekend, I noted how the odd-numbered film get a bad rap; while I liked Search for Spock flaws and all, The Final Frontier was just a goddamn mess with it's bungled attempts at comedy (trying to emulate the more successful infusion of humor from the Leonard Nimoy-directed The Voyage Home), uneven tone, unfocused script/direction by Shatner. It mishandled any attempt to paint a cerebral and philosophical message on religion and blind faith, which were courtesy of the muddled writing along with Shatner's ego and questionably odd technical choices. The Final Frontier was a uneventful entry in the series, but luckily we got The Undiscovered Country to give the Original Series cast a proper send off. #startrekvthefinalfrontier #williamshatner #dyronrises #scifiadventure #spacefilms #startrektheoriginalseries #whatdoesgodneedwithastarship #itsasongyougreenbloodedvulcan #ineedmypain #notinfrontoftheklingons #leonardnimoy #deforestkelly #lawrenceluckinbill #georgetakei #jamesdoohan #nichellenichols #walterkoeing #davidwarner #1989movies #80smovies #paramountpictures