Four-handed play. Prosecutor fired for Alena Bulldozer’s long tongue

The spring holidays are over, but not for everybody. Alexander Kozlov, now-former Prosecutor of the Tula Region, lost his job and remains idle. There were plenty of complaints against the ex-prosecutor heretofore, but apparently, the sharp tongue of his wife Alena Sokolskaya, Head of the Klin District of the Moscow Region, became the last straw.

Your tongue will get you out of job

Rumors about the upcoming termination of Alexander Kozlov, Prosecutor of the Tula Region, started circulating back in April. The number of corruption scandals involving Kozlov exceeds all the limits. But the last straw was the behavior of his wife Alena Sokolskaya. The CrimeRussia became aware that at a private party with heating drinks, the Head of the Klin District has suddenly told that "their family feeds the entire Prosecutor General's Office".

Buksman has called Alexander Kozlov on the carpet and suggested him to resign voluntarily. However, the Prosecutor of the Tula Region refused to do so. On May 3, Vladimir Putin has signed a Presidential Decree removing from office three generals serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) and two prosecutors, including Alexander Kozlov. According to The CrimeRussia sources, the former prosecutor has a grudge towards Buksman and is currently trying to organize a smear campaign against him on the Internet.

One way or another, but the dismissal of Kozlov was inevitable – the prosecutor’s reputation was marred by way too many scandals. Take for example the ‘patronage’ of casinos in the metropolitan area or Spanish real estate belonging to him and his spouse.

Alexander Buksman, First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russia Federation

An excerpt from the Spanish land registry unveils family secrets of the couple so devotedly serving the public. Sokolskaya and Kozlov are really excited about Tenerife and have acquired a number of properties there in the period of 2007–2010. They own a luxury two-storey villa with a garden and quay view in Adeje, a two-storey home with a living space of 109 square meters in Arona, and two apartments with living spaces of 59 and 94 square meters in the same municipalities. The total market value of the real estate belonging to Kozlov and Sokolskaya amounts to some €2 million. It is necessary to note that in the late 2000s, house prices in Spain were some 20% higher than now.    

In 2013, the spouses had to remember the Law “On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation” and observe the decencies. The majority of their Spanish properties were ‘sold’ to some Olga Volovikova. The documents emphasize that this real estate is not subject to separation of assets in case of her divorce. There are many good clues that Olga Volovikova is well familiar with the Kozlov–Sokolskaya family. She is among the Facebook friends of Dmitry Sokolsky, son of the Head of the Klin District.

Dmitry Sokolsky has purchased from his parents the main ‘pearl' of their real estate collection – the villa in Adeje. By some coincidence, a branch of Universidad de La Laguna where Sokolsky is currently studying is located not far from it. The aspiring student also owns El Camino del Bien SL company ‘sold' to him by his mother.    

Documents showing previous owners of the villa belonging to Dmitry Sokolsky   

Alena Sokolskaya was the previous owner of El Camino del Bien SL company currently belonging to Dmitry Sokolsky

The family of civil servants started selling out their foreign assets for a reason. In 2013, media outlets wrote that governmental official Alena Sokolskaya, who is legally prohibited from running a business, has been owning for four years El Camino del Bien SL company incorporated in sunny Spain. The Prosecutor General's Office has confirmed this information but found nothing reprehensible in it – as well as in the gratuitous assignment of the company to a ‘third party' in the person of the son of Sokolskaya. The fictitiousness of such deals is indirectly confirmed by the absence of profits in the income and asset declarations of Alexander Kozlov, then-Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow, who has sold, jointly with his spouse, the real estate in Tenerife. Alena Sokolskaya disregards the legal requirement to disclose her income: the official Klin district website shows only blank forms instead of the declarations.

The watchdog authority is equally deaf-blind to other numerous complaints brought against Alena Sokolskaya. In fact, people started complaining about her even before her appointment the district head instead of notorious Alexander Postrigan. The career of Sokolskaya was initially linked with public education. The former Principal of Zhemchuzhinka (Little Pearl) Kindergarten has suddenly become the Head of the Education Department of the Klin District and immediately started turning all her dreams and ideas into reality. Parents of small children started complaining en masse on closures of preschool institutions and ‘charitable levies’ imposed in the remaining kindergartens. In addition, Sokolskaya had reportedly controlled a number of commercial structures in Klin.

Alena Sokolskaya, Head of the Klin District of the Moscow Region and wife of Alexander Kozlov

For her pushiness, Sokolskaya has been nicknamed Alena Bulldozer. The Spanish trace in the biography of the Head of the Klin District has further fueled the flames. Her ‘achievements’ were openly discussed on the Internet. Local journalist Elena Polyakov wrote on a forum: “According to Stalin’s or Chinese laws, she deserves an execution by firing squad”.

The Head of the Klin District meets with Governor Andrei Vorobiev

The law enforcement structures, unwilling to adopt the Chinese experience, have interpreted the post of Polyakova as a murder threat " on the grounds of hatred or enmity to a social group". Apparently, the prosecutors were inspired by the Indian caste-based social model and requested to put Polyakova behind bars for five years. The main argument of the state prosecution was an ailment of the district head shocked by that post on the Internet and even suspecting that she was under surveillance.

In the meantime, the long tongue of the Head of the Klin District was getting her in trouble on a regular basis. The most spectacular example was the incident with Aleksinsky Kar'er landfill site. It is 11 times bigger than notorious Yadrovo solid domestic waste landfill – but its capacity has been exhausted back in 2013. Initially, the municipal 

The waste dump has literally ‘got a second wind': it started receiving garbage from Klin, other cities of the metropolitan area, and even from Moscow. According to local residents, 700–900 trucks enter the landfill on a daily basis. In the meantime, it is increasingly hard to breathe not only on the outskirts of Klin, but in the city center as well. Instead of solving the problem entailing an environmental disaster, Alena Sokolskaya has merely explained the people that "the smell is unpleasant but not hazardous". The city dwellers used this slogan on a protest rally staged on March 10, 2018.

Placard used on the protest rally against Aleksinsky Kar’er

The district head was not really concerned with the social protests – her entire family was effectively protected against foul odors and other nuisances. Husband Alexander Kozlov, Prosecutor of the Tula Region, could stay at his place of service in Tula. The eldest daughter, based on her pages on social networks, continues living in Moscow after graduating from the Moscow State University. The son enjoys the Mediterranean air in Tenerife. Contrary to the statements made by the Head of the Klin District, it is highly unlikely that the younger children of Kozlov and Sokolskaya live in Klin blanketed by ‘non-hazardous' smells.    

Of course, Alena Sokolskaya could not earn such a great wealth while being the Head of the District Education Department. The main ‘daily breader' in their family is prosecutor Alexander Kozlov. Prior to becoming the Prosecutor of the Tula Region, he had served in many locations of the metropolitan area. While being a Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow, he was involved in a criminal case pertaining to ‘patronage' of illegal gambling businesses – and not as a member of the state prosecution team.    

According to the investigation, the illegal casinos belonging to businessman Ivan Nazarov were ‘covered up’ by prosecution officers. The main suspects in that case were Alexander Mokhov, Prosecutor of the Moscow Region, his deputy Alexander Ignatenko, and Dmitry Urumov, Head of the 15th Department of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office. In his testimonies, Urumov claims that Alexander Kozlov had been warning Nazarov of upcoming “sudden prosecutor’s checks”.

In fact, all people involved into that high-profile criminal case have got off cheaply – but plenty of suspicious stories have popped up in the past of Alexander Kozlov, including a nearly proven bribe-taking episode in the period when he was the Prosecutor of Pushkino. In 2006, Pushkino resident Sergei Popov, then-local Deputy, unable to tolerate the construction of luxury cottages on lands belonging to the municipal boarding school for disabled children, has addressed numerous instances, including the Pushkino Prosecutor’s Office governed by Kozlov at that time. Unlike the Deputy, Kozlov found nothing criminal in the major development on several ha of land and refused to institute a criminal case.

Five years later, Sergei Popov and the entire city of Pushkino became aware that the prosecutor was among those who have seized the lands belonging to the children's home. According to the investigation, a land lot 1.8 thousand square meters in size was a payment from Lyudmila Gastilo, principal of the boarding school for disabled children, to the Prosecutor's Office for its non-intervention. Kozlov has purchased this lot at a symbolic price of 100 thousand rubles ($1.6 thousand) and then resold it for 12 million rubles ($194.4 thousand) – i.e., 120 times as expensive. Not only had Alexander Kozlov denied all allegations – but he even failed to come in for questioning, and this hasn't affected his career growth in any way.

It also became known that Kozlov has illegally received an official apartment with a living space of 100 square meters in Pushkino and immediately privatized it in the name of one of his children. According to the investigation, Kozlov had provided fake documents stating that he had no residence. However, even this episode hasn't prevented him from becoming the Prosecutor of the Tula Region. His career was ruined by his wife whose figurative speeches turned out to be unpleasant for some people and fatal for Kozlov.

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